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PACIFIC Military Time (Pacific Military Time) Ocean (Pacific Ocean) PACIFIC MILITARY TIME (PMT) DEFINITION: Pacific Military TIME (PMT) is military time used in the Pacific Timezone (PT), which is the time zone in the United States (USA) where Seattle, Washington (WA) is located, which is also from where this website ( originates. Military Military Time Pacific PMT Time PACIFIC OCEAN 1995-DEC-31 [SUN]: UNX > Sea Monsters > Giant Squids > Chatham Islands, Pacific Ocean Dragon's Triangle Pacific Ocean PANGAEA DEFINITION: The name of the supercontinent that existed before the continental drift broke it up to form the current seven continents that we know about today. PENNSYLVANIA Pennsylvania, USA PENNSYLVANIA, USA USA (Pennsylvania: PA  USA) 1909-JAN-17 [SUN]: UNX > CRYPTOZOOLOGY > JERSEY DEVIL > Bristol, PA  USA 1965-DEC-09 [THU]: UNX > UFO > Kecksburg, PA  USA Bristol, PA  USA Kecksburg, PA  USA Pennsylvania USA PERCEPTION ESP Extra (Extra Sensory Perception) ESP Premonition Psychology Sensory Visions PERCEPTION, EXTRA SENSORY (ESP) ESP Webpage PREMONITION Webpage ESP Extra Extra Sensory Perception (ESP) Premonition Sensory Visions PICNIC Hanging Rock (Picnic at Hanging Rock) PICNIC AT HANGING ROCK 1900-FEB-14 [WED]: UNX > Alleged Mysterious Disappearances > Hanging Rock, Australia Australia Hanging Hanging Rock Hanging Rock, Australia Picnic Rock PMT (PACIFIC MILITARY TIME) Pacific Military Time PRECAMBRIAN TIME +4,500,000,000 BC to +500,000,000 BC PREMONITION 1969-JAN-16 [THU]: UNX > ESP > Chicago, IL  USA ESP Webpage PREMONITION Webpage ESP Extra Sensory Perception (ESP) Premonition Visions PSYCHOLOGY Perceptions PUERTO Puerto Rico PUERTO RICO 1988-DEC-28 [WED]: UNX > UFO > Cabo Rojo, Puerto Rico Cabo Rojo Cabo Rojo, Puerto Rico Puerto Rico
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©Copyrighted by Dave Ayotte & Caty Bergman
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