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Serial Killer Encyclopedia
Serial Killers and
the Ghosts They Create
2014-07-13 13:56 PM (PMT)
Let's assume for the moment that ghosts are real, and if they are real, then how come serial killers haven't created more of them than they already have?

This question came up because of an article we saw last Thursday (JUL-10-2014) concerning a woman in Missouri who recently found out the house she was renting was haunted by, alleged serial killer, Maury Travis' victims:

     Woman shocked to learn her house was once serial killerís torture chamber - MO  USA

Being a skeptic, I can't say definitely, one way or the other, whether ghosts actually are real or not, but Dave does think they are and also believes that they are proof that there is an afterlife.

And regardless of my skepticism, I still think it would be kind of cool if movies like "Ghost" really were true. I know it's just a romantic notion and not proof of anything, but that doesn't stop me from wanting it to be true anyway. But that also doesn't stop me from wanting better proof either.

From all the evidence I've seen, there is something unexplained going on that's for sure, but are these ghost (or whatever they are) really from the after life?

Unfortunately, most of the proof, being eyewitness in nature, is anecdotal at best, or lies at worst. Even the best photographs I've ever seen were hazy at best and some have even been debunked as manipulated photo images and not real pictures of real ghost, but the ones that are hard to explain show something unexplained was indeed going on.

Some people believe that eyewitness accounts of ghosts are all just a result of some form of mass or self hallucination or something similar. It's pretty much accepted by the scientific community that mass or self hallucination are possible, and because of this some use it as a way to explain some (if not all) ghost sightings. It's even used to explain some (if not all) UFO and Bigfoot sightings.

And even though Dave is a firm believer that ghost are real, we still both agree that some kind of self hallucination could be true for some of these sightings, but not for every single one of them. It's easier for me to wrap my mind around the idea that some of these sightings are real, rather than that every one of them is a result of some kind of psychological hallucinaton by millions of people. Maybe it's just confirmation bias, but I've never been a big fan of a theory being debunked just because one possible explanation has been found. Sure, the less probable explanation is still less probable (or more improbable), but even the most improbable hand in poker, the Royal Flush (Ace of Spades high), must've been dealt at least once or twice in the history of poker.

I've even theorized that some of them (if not many or all of them) are a result of some kind of (as yet, unknown) disturbance in our physical reality on the subatomic (quantum) level. The newest theories postulate that all subatomic particles are really just compacted energy waves. and if this is true then my following theory has a little validity.

For some reason (unknown to us yet), subatomic particles can act together like some kind of simple videorecorder and when events happen that are so emotionally charged, like someone dying a horrible death, they can become imprinted on that subatomic structure, and when the conditions are right, that subatomic recording can be activated to play over and over again until either the conditions become unfavorable for playing again, or it's subatomic batteries run out. This is my theory postulating what ghosts may be.

And with that said, let's assume (for the sake of the arguement) that ghosts are real, per my theory. With my theory, ghost don't need to be dead people walking around in the spirit world, they can just be apparitions or subatomic residue left over from an emotionally charged event.

It's been my impression, and Dave's too, that while researching the subject of ghosts, that many of the stories behind many of the ghost sightings indeed did center around some kind of horrible (emotionally charged) death or even more than one horrible death in one place, and we don't see why the victims of serial killers shouldn't have their own fair share of haunted places (subatomic residue) also.

Like I said, this is just a theory, but let's assume (again, for the sake of arguement) that it's not impossible that the victims of serial killers can create enough of an emotional charge, as they died, to be recorded on the subatomic level, and thus becoming ghosts (subatomic residue). In the world of Unexplained Phenomena, places where ghosts are created or seen are usually considered haunted places, so the places where serial killers create ghosts would be considered haunted places also.

If you're with me so far, it should naturally follow that serial killers are creating a lot of ghosts, and as a result, a lot of haunted places, but why aren't there more of them than there already are?

The question now becomes, how many serial ghost should there be and how many of them are known now? This is where it gets complicated.

I know this sounds like a stupid question, but let's look at the numbers for a minute, and see what exactly we're dealing with here. Let's start with the number of serial killers in the last hundred years. That number should be equal to the number of places where they killed their victims, and most of these places (if my theory is correct) should be haunted by the victims of all these serial killers, and thus, the number of serial killers in the last hundred years would be equal to the number of haunted places created by them.

Dave thought about it for a second and came up with a number. He believed that there should be at least one-thousand haunted serial killer places in the world. When I first heard this number, I thought that it must be wrong. That's a lot of haunted places, but then when I checked up on the number of known and alleged serial killers there have been in the last one-hundred years, that number didn't seem so far-fetched after all.

Depending on where you go to get your information, the number of serial killers that have worked their horrible trade somewhere in the world in the last one-hundred years is anywhere from 300 to 2,000. If you consider the possibility that the number 2,000 could be right, than Dave's guesstimate of one-thousand was an under-estimate rather than an over-estimate.

In one of our serial killer encyclopedias (not the one pictured at the beginning of this blog post), with a much more comprehensive list of serial killers; it list in Appendix A, well over 1,000 (1,500+) known and unknown serial killers in the world, in the last hundred years, and that number doesn't even include team killers (Appendix B, 2 or more serial killers working together) which is over 200, and with over 300 unresolved cases in Appendix C, almost another two-hundred to five-hundred serial killers to the list of over 1,000. This makes the number of serial killers in the last hundred years to be, in our opinion, well over one-thousand, and pretty close to two-thousand.[1]

Using the number one-thousand, we don't believe (for various reasons) that number of haunted serial killer places can all be found, but that is our theoretical beginning point for the number of places that have made haunted by serial killers. What can jigger the numbers themselves is that serial killers will kill in one place and leave the body in another and if the serial killer can't place where the murder occurred (for example, if they are killed in a moving car or one that is parked and the serial killer can't remember where exactly that was), all that can narrow down the number of haunted places that are findable.

So, in order to be generous and taking into account that one-thousand is a pretty "unbelievable" number to begin with, let's instead go with 10% of one-thousand and say there are at least one-hundred places that serial killers from all over the world have made haunted in the last hundred years. We'll start with that number and if we can find more, that'll just be icing on the cake, in our opinion.

Of course the next obvious step was to get a list together of all the known haunted serial killer places to date, which we will update with new listings as we find the time to search for them.

With each finding, we'll be adding fire to the arguement that the victims of serial killers do become ghosts (subatomic residue) and haunt the places they are killed, which brings up a couple questions, and even more, for example, what about the bodies, and what if someone is killed in a moving or parked vehicle, is the disturbance at the subatomic level restricted to inside the car or can it extend to the area the car is parked, or to the body itself? Of course, it would be difficult to disturb the subatomic level of one specific place in a moving vehicle, or would it? All good questions but these are all for another blog post or two or even three, and not for this one.

Anyway, the first one (#001, below) that we used to start our list off with is the one we mentioned at the top of this post. (The following list will not be a top-ten list, ororganized in any specific order, although someday we may make an index of them all):


003)   MUDGETT, Herman Webster AKA H. H. Holmes (IL  USA)
ADDED: 2014-SEP-29 [TUE]   22:18 (PMT)
     Chilling tour inside serial killer H.H. Holmes' 'Murder Castle' - IL  USA

We've kind of neglected this project a little bit, getting involved in other projects that also kept us busy, but now we're back, and we found and added two more haunted houses associated with a serial killer. Of course, and even though this one happened over one-hundred years ago, we had to include someone who is considered by many, to be America's first serial killer, H. H. Holmes. Before we researched Holmes for this blog post, we also were under the impression that H. H. Holmes "Murder Castle" had been torn down and was no longer there, but apparently we were wrong.

As an aside, while researching this article, we found an article concerning a book by one of his grandsons who theorizes Holmes might have been Jack the Ripper also:

Was H.H. Holmes also Jack The Ripper?

002)   DAHMER, Jeffery (OH  USA)
ADDED: 2014-SEP-29 [TUE]   21:09 (PMT)
     In Serial Killer's Former Home, A Search For Ghosts - OH  USA

And, the second article we found was this one, the childhood home of Jeffrey Dahmer. We question this one a little, because we are not sure if he killed anyone there. But then, a little ways down, the article revealed that....


" ...Dahmer did commit his first murder here - a hitchhiker named Steven Hicks whom he lured back to the house with promises of drugs and alcohol, and then clubbed with a barbell after Hicks said he wanted to leave. Dahmer later dismembered Hicks' corpse in the house's crawlspace... "

The article goes on to conclude, that there was something funny going on, but then as the last word, makes a little joke about it, "You don't believe in ghost do you?"

001)   TRAVIS, Maury (MO  USA)
ADDED: 2014-JUL-13 [SUN]   09:06 (PMT)
     Woman shocked to learn her house was once serial killerís torture chamber - MO  USA

The impression we got from this story (and other related ones) was that the woman was not made aware before renting the house that the previous tenant was an alleged serial killer, Maury Travis, who many believe tortured and killed many of his victims in the basement of the house; and that the original post that they were tied too, tortured and raped, and then killed, was still there.


Manhattan Haunted House Based on Real-Life Serial Killers Outrages Relatives of Victims - NY  USA
Thursday, September 27, 2012, 10:14 PM
By Tracy Connor New York Daily News
"A Manhattan haunted house based on the real-life crimes of famous serial killers is already drawing gasps of horror - from victims' advocates... "


[1] Encyclopedia Of Serial Killers, The: Second Edition

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