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    2014-APR-06 [SUN]   14:07 PST - Did Aliens Hijack Malaysian Flight MH370?
    2014-APR-01 [TUE]   17:18 PST - Who Is AmyStrange?

          2014-APR-06 [SUN]   14:07 PST                 Table Of Contents

        Did Aliens Hijack Malaysian Flight MH370? [UPDATES]
         2014-04-06 02:07 PM PST

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     When Dave first asked me this, I was able to 
keep a straight face and not bust out laughing 
for a second or two, but then I just couldn't 
help myself, "Aliens? Really Dave," is what I 
finally said when I stopped, but I could tell he 
was asking me a serious question and wanted a 
serious answer in response, or at least, a 
serious opinion of what I thought of the idea. 

     It really shouldn't have surprised me that 
he would ask that. After all, most of this website is based on these 
wild ideas of his, and this one was no more crazier than any of the 
other things he believed. Bigfoot, ancient astronauts and time warps 
are fun and interesting to think about and debate, but are they really 
real, and what's the point of discussing them if you can't prove what 
you're saying or believing? But, that never stopped us before, and it 
would probably never stop us in the future either.

     As a result, we've had many discussions about this and many other 
of his wild ideas before, and if you've read enough of this website, 
you'll know where I stand on most of these wild theories of his. There 
is very little evidence to support any of them, but does that make them 
impossible? My short answer was no. Mostly because, my philosophy is 
that nothing is impossible, just not always probable, and this one was 
way too improbable to be even remotely possible, in my opinion, but 
that doesn't make them any less interesting to debate.

     To begin with, I believe that UFOs are real because there are just 
way too many sightings of flying objects in the sky that have never 
been satisfactorily explained, or unidentified, to not at least believe 
that there isn't something weird going on in our skies that we don't 
know about, but does that prove they're intelligently controlled, or 
from another planet? In my mind it doesn't. It's an intriguing idea, 
but very little evidence to support it, which I personally wish there 
was. It would be nice to know we have neighbors out there, but I just 
don't see any good evidence to support that idea.

     You can read more about our discussions on this subject here:

     Which brings us back to the original question, did aliens really 
hijack Malaysian flight MH370? I can't see it, but Dave has some 
interesting ideas to support his belief, but unfortunately for him, the 
latest breaking news doesn't help to prove his theory either:

     FROM: /
"PERTH, Australia - The head of the multinational search for the missing Malaysia airlines jet said Sunday that two electronic pulses reportedly picked up by a Chinese ship were an encouraging sign but stressed they are not yet verified... "
So, instead of answering him straight out, I asked him a question back, "Why would aliens do that, hijack a plane and then just drop it in the ocean?" "I don't know," he had said, "but nothing else makes any sense either. It's just as probable as anything else. What do you think happened if it wasn't aliens or a time warp that had opened up, swallowed the plane, and then closed up again, and now it's either hundreds of years in the past or future." "How exactly would that work, this time warp thing I mean?" This was before China had picked up a suspicious pulse a couple days ago that had "black box" written all over it, so he went on and on about the Philadelphia Experiment, and also the two mysterious ocean areas, the Bermuda and Dragon Triangles, that have swallowed up many other planes in the past, or so he believed. None of these events have been proven either, but at least the Dragon's Triangle, which is in the Pacific Ocean, was closer to where the Malaysian plane disappeared than the Bermuda Triangle is, which is in the Atlantic Ocean. Basicly he was using unproven theories to prove another unproven theory, and I reminded him of this, but like all our other discussions, this didn't slow him down at all, "I know I don't have any proof that any of those other things happened either, but they do share the same kind of weirdness factor that the other disappearances also have. I know you don't think aliens driving around in hopped up space vehicles are probable, but how probable is it that a plane would disappear like this one did to begin with?" He had a point there and that was one thing I couldn't effectively argue against, because this disappearance was definitely weird, and the probabilities of something this weird happening were pretty low also, but aliens!? "Adding low probabilites together don't make them more probable Dave, you know that. Something improbable happening is improbable enough, but two improbable things happening are even more improbable. It's like Poker... " "Yeah yeah, I know. One hand with a royal flush is improbable enough, but two of them at the same time in the same game are simply astronomical, and virtually impossible, but no matter how improbable or how astronomically improbable, they were still possible." "You've learned your lesson well, Grasshopper," I said and we both laughed. Anyway, besides one of the latest news reports changing what the final words were from the plane originally, there was the fact that someone, or something had turned the plane's transponders off, supposedly so the plane couldn't be tracked; and then turning the plane around 180 degrees and flying 700 miles into one of the most desolate areas in the world, never mind the Indian Ocean; and then disappearing all together. The changing of the final words didn't phase me. It was a minor thing in my mind, but Dave jumped on it like a rabid rabbit and concluded the first report was the real report and was changed because it sounded like someone unfamiliar with radio communication, like maybe an alien, had made that final shout out, and the governments didn't want anyone to know that, so they fixed their mistake by changing the report. He hadn't convinced me and probably never will, but all these little things were starting to add up, then the news came a couple days ago that the Chinese had maybe found a pulse that maybe might have come from the plane's "black box". That kind of put a damper on his whole alien theory, but to date, all we have is a possible location, but finding the plane is becoming harder as I write, because the black box only has a battery life of about thirty day, which is due to occur in the next few days. Even if we find the plane, what may never be explained is why the plane was flown 700 miles from it's last location and dumped in the ocean. It's a mind boggling problem, but aliens orchestrating the whole thing just because they could, doesn't make any sense either. I would rather believe that terrorist hijacked the plane, but got lost in the ocean and ran out of fuel before they could get where they were going. That's way more probable than aliens or time warps swallowing up the plane. Hopefully, the plane will be found soon and also the answers to many of the world's questions. All I can say until then is what I told Dave, "We'll just have to wait, see what happens, and see who's actually right here. I vote for me." Dave grudgingly agreed my theory about terrorist was more probable than aliens being involved, but he was still hopeful that in the end, he would be proven right. Personally, I'm not holding my breath, but at the same time, it would be nice if he was right and his aliens did really make the plane disappear, while at the same time saving all those people and made them appear again on the White House lawn; if only for the sake of all the missing, their families, and loved ones. But like I said, I'm not holding my breath in the hopes that this will happen. It's just too damn improbable, but it would still be nice none the less.


THE DEADLY CARGO INSIDE MH370: EXPLODING BATTERIES EXPLAIN THE MYSTERY 10.15.15 1:13 AM ET / "Why have both the Federal Aviation Administration and Boeing suddenly both gone public in issuing warnings about the 'immediate and urgent risk' (quoting the FAA) of allowing consignments of lithium-ion batteries to be shipped in the cargo of passenger-carrying flights... " MH370 SEARCH STUMBLES UPON MYSTERY SHIPWRECK Last Updated May 13, 2015 9:32 AM EDT CBS/AP May 13, 2015, 5:43 AM / "SYDNEY -- Search crews hunting for Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 in the desolate ocean waters off western Australia have discovered an old shipwreck, officials said Wednesday... " WHY PLANES VANISH: NOVA DOCUMENTARY EXPLORES... MISSING MALAYSIA BOEING-777 10/08/2014 @ 8:50AM By John Goglia "Tonight at 9 pm Eastern time, NOVA presents a documentary by Emmy Award winning producer and journalist Miles O'Brien exploring how the Malaysia Airlines flight 370 could have vanished on what should have been a routine red-eye flight from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing on March 8, 2014. The documentary can be viewed on PBS stations... " FAILED PHONE CALL IS NEWEST FLIGHT 370 CLUE John Bacon, USA TODAY 1:36 p.m. EDT August 28, 2014 / "A new clue has brought a bit of hope to the search for Malaysia Airlines' doomed Flight 370... " WHY DIDN'T FLIGHT 370'S EMERGENCY BEACON WORK? Updated 12:08 AM EDT, Fri April 25, 2014 By Mike M. Ahlers, CNN / "(CNN) -- It is one of the most enduring mysteries of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370, and for the families, it's a reason for hope... " ROBOTS SEARCH SEA BED FOR MH370 Updated: April 14, 2014 00:31 IST / "To sink underwater by the height of Britainís tallest tower would still only cover 7 per cent of the descent to the floor of the Indian Ocean, 4,500 metres down, where the black boxes from Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 are presumed to lie... " LONG SEARCH FOR MISSING JET LOOMS AS PINGS GO SILENT Published April 12, 2014 Associated Press / "PERTH, Australia - After a week of optimism over four underwater signals believed to be coming from the missing Malaysian plane, the sea has gone quiet and Australia's leader is warning that the massive search will likely be long... " MISSING PLANE MH370: ABBOTT SAYS SIGNAL 'RAPIDLY FADING' 12 April 2014 Last updated at 05:37 ET "Signals in remote seas thought to be from the missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 are "rapidly fading" and finding the jet will be a 'massive, massive task', Australia's PM says... " MALAYSIA AIRLINES FLIGHT 370 SEARCHERS HEAR... PING FROM INDIAN OCEAN Last Updated Apr 10, 2014 2:07 PM EDT April 10, 2014, 2:07 PM / "PERTH, Australia -- An Australian aircraft Thursday detected what may be the fifth signal coming from a man-made device deep in the Indian Ocean, adding to hopes that searchers will soon pinpoint the object's location and send down a robotic vehicle to confirm if it is a black box from the missing Malaysian jet... " ONE OF THE NAVY'S BEST TOOLS DEPLOYED IN FLIGHT 370 SEARCH April 9, 2014, 11:46 AM / "The search for missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 is back in high gear as an Australian ship is trying to pinpoint two new signals in the southern Indian Ocean. Officials say the pings could be from airliner black boxes... " MALAYSIA AIRLINES FLIGHT 370: 2 NEW SIGNALS IN SEARCH AREA BUOYS HOPE Updated 12:29 AM EDT, Wed April 9, 2014 By Ed Payne and Greg Botelho, CNN "(CNN) -- In a sea of uncertainty, two pieces of good news surfaced Wednesday... " MALAYSIA AIRLINES FLIGHT 370: NO NEW "BLACK BOX"-LIKE SOUNDS HEARD Last Updated Apr 8, 2014 11:32 AM EDT / "PERTH, Australia -- Search crews hunting for the missing Malaysia Airlines jet have failed to relocate faint sounds heard deep below the southern Indian Ocean that officials said were consistent with a plane's black boxes, the head of the search operation said Tuesday... " MORE PINGS RAISE MORE QUESTIONS ABOUT MISSING PLANE Updated 12:47 PM EDT, Mon April 7, 2014 By Tom Cohen, CNN "(CNN) -- Almost a month after Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 disappeared, searchers say pulse signals detected in the Indian Ocean provide the best hope so far for finding it... "

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Who Is AmyStrange?
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