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SEK: Randy Steven Kraft (AKA Score-Card Killer)

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INTRODUCTION: Randy Steven Kraft (AKA Score-Card Killer)

He is also known as the "Freeway Killer" along with serial killers William Bonin and Patrick W. Kearney, but Bonin is considered by many people to be the original (and only) serial killer who should have that nickname. There is a good arguement to support this as both Kraft and Kearney have other nicknames while the "Freeway Killer" is the only nickname that Bonin has.

Randy Steven Kraft - Wikipedia:

Randy Kraft - Moving Violation - Crime Library:
"Shortly after 1 a.m. on May 14, 1983, two California Highway Patrol officers stopped an apparent drunk driver on the San Diego Freeway, in Mission Viejo, California... "

Randy Kraft: The Southern California Strangler - Crime Magazine:
"There are those who call Randy Kraft the 'Freeway Killer' and they are wrong. William Bonin, executed at San Quentin in 1996, was the Freeway Killer... "

William Bonin -

Patrick W. Kearney -

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