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SEK: William Bonin (AKA Freeway Killer)

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INTRODUCTION: William Bonin (AKA Freeway Killer)

He shares the nickname "Freeway Killer" with two other serial killers, Patrick W. Kearney and Randy Steven Kraft, but Bonin is considered by many people to be the original (and only) serial killer who should have that nickname. There is a good arguement to support this as both Kraft and Kearnery have other nicknames while the "Freeway Killer" is the only nickname that Bonin has.

William Bonin - Wikipedia:

Serial Killer William Bonin - The Freeway Killer:
"William Bonin was a habitual sex offender turned serial killer, suspected of sexually assaulting, torturing and killing at least 21 boys and young men in... "

William Bonin: The Freeway Killer - Crime Library:
"On February 23, 1996, the people of the state of California finally followed through on their decision that the world would be a better place without William Bonin... "

Patrick W. Kearney -

Randy Steven Kraft -

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