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SEK: SISTER WATCH PROJECT - VPD of Vancouver, Canada

"Women in the Downtown Eastside are particularly vulnerable to violence, injury and death. Crime statistics for this area of the city have never truly reflected the danger and jeopardy facing the women who live there. Whether the cause is fear of reprisals or general distrust of authority, women have been traditionally reluctant to report crimes against themselves and others. The Sister Watch Project is a multi-faceted operation designed to combat violence against women in the Downtown Eastside and make the community safer for everyone who lives and works there."

The articles below document how this project is working out. Other cities should take a cue from Vancouver and start programs of a similar nature. Making sex for hire illegal only helps serial killers and hurts more women than helps them. Not saying that sex workers are only women, but historically most of them have been. People who think they are better than everybody else and advocate the continued persecution of these women with jail and prison are no better than the evil and mean and disgusting men mentioned below.

In our opinion, they should be prosecuted as co-conspirators.

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Cops capture terror of Vancouver downtown east-side women
"As a result of Sister Watch, Martin Tremblay has been charged with four
counts of trafficking cocaine and one charge of possession of cocaine for
the ...

Vancouver police arrest 11 criminals in sweep of Downtown Eastside
The Province
By Cassidy Olivier, Postmedia News February 11, 2011 Vancouver Police
Inspector Mike Porteous holds a mugshot of suspected sex offender Martin
Tremblay at a...

Vancouver police call out to sex victims
Vancouver Police have taken the extraordinary step of issuing a public plea
for victims of a man called Martin Tremblay. Tremblay is currently facing

VPD announce 11 new arrests of violent Downtown Eastside drug traffickers
Vancouver Sun
By Gerry Bellett, Vancouver Sun February 11, 2011 Inspectort Mike Porteous
of the VPD holds a mugshot of suspected sex offender Martin Tremblay at a
2011-FEB-11 - SEK: VPD announce 11 new arrests of violent Downtown Eastside drug traffickers - Canada

VPD: More charges in Sister Watch program
For now, Martin Tremblay is charged with possession and trafficking drugs,
but police say he's terrorized that neighbourhood for years...

Revolving Door: Rally Opposes Release of Sex Offender Targeting Aboriginal Girls
The Media Co-op
by Sandra Cuffe - Original Peoples Aboriginal youth and women rally at
bail hearing of sex offender Martin Tremblay. Photo: Sandra Cuffe Relatives

Sex offender a community menace: protesters
About a dozen members of the city's First Nations community said they
opposed the release of Martin Tremblay, who was convicted of five counts of

Activist Communique: Vancouver's 20th Annual Women's Memorial March (blog)
Indigenous girls have continuously relayed harrowing stories of drugging
and sexual assault by sexual offender Martin Tremblay...

Sister Watch Exposes Atrocities
CKNW News Talk 980
"Martin Tremblay has been perpetrating on our young Aboriginal women. He
has been known to take videos of these young women...

Young girl shares her agony to keep BC sex offender behind bars
Montreal Gazette
By Cassidy Olivier, Postmedia News January 29, 2011 Friends and family of
victims outside the bail hearing for convicted sex offender Martin Tremblay
at BC...

Vancouver march for missing and murdered women to mark 20th year
Names released by the VPD include Martin Tremblay, a convicted sexual
offender who is in custody on five drug charges, and Fabian Brown, who
police say has...

Police seek 'chronic offender' who preys on the most vulnerable in the...
Global Regina
Martin Tremblay, seen on a warning poster put up in the Downtown Eastside
last spring, remains a target of Sister Watch investigators for preying on

Sister Watch Getting Results
CKNW News Talk 980
Martin Tremblay is already behind bars on charges including sexual assault
and drug trafficking. But VPD Chief Jim Chui says the 45-year-old is a
suspect in...

Sister Watch Singles Out Violent Predator
CKNW News Talk 980
"Martin Tremblay is in jail right now. He is in jail. He can't harm you."
Chief Jim Chu says the 45-year old convicted sex offender is one of 11

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