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SEK: Johann Unterweger (AKA Johann "Jack" Unterweger)

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Johann Unterweger (AKA Johann "Jack" Unterweger)

The Infernal Comedy - review
The Guardian, Saturday 18 June 2011
Barbican, London
Tim Ashley

"Written for John Malkovich, two sopranos, a baroque orchestra, and its conductor, Michael Sturminger's The Infernal Comedy is a disquieting music theatre piece about Jack Unterweger, an Austrian serial killer and writer, who committed suicide in 1994 on the day he was sentenced to life imprisonment for the second time... "

Jack Unterweger - Wikipedia:

Jack Unterweger - Monstropedia:

Jack Unterweger Biography -
"Born Johann Unterweger on August 16, 1952 in Austria. Abandoned by his prostitute mother, Jack lived for seven years with an alcoholic grandfather... "

Jack Unterweger in the Serial Killer Calendar:
"With FBI evidence against Johann Unterweger very closely reflecting the known evidence of Jack the Ripper, along with the thrifty Austrian-to-American first... "

Murderer's 'final freedom': The bizarre life of Jack Unterweger, poet and killer of prostitutes, ends at his own hand:
"Johann Unterweger was the son of an Austrian prostitute and an American GI serving with the Allied forces, which occupied the country for 10 years after the... "

Nasty Jack, The Vienna Strangler
October 21, 2010
"That sweet looking guy is a stone cold serial killer. His name is Johann 'Jack' Unterweger. He lived in Austria and when he was alive doing his thing they... "

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