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SEK: Peter Tobin

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Evil Peter Tobin used our young son as bait, says killer's ex-wife - UK
Sep 10 2011 Mark McGivern

"SERIAL killer Peter Tobin's ex-wife has told how the monster used their son as bait to rape young girls... "

Peter Tobin - Wikipedia:

VIDEO: Cathy Wilson describes being married to Peter Tobin - UK
Last updated at 19:24 ET
"Imagine if you can turning on the television one day to discover that the man you married when you were a teenager turns out to be a murderer of young women... "

Police dig up garage in hunt for more victims of killer Peter Tobin - UK
Published Date: 22 October 2010
"A GARAGE once rented by serial killer Peter Tobin has been dug up by police in the search for more possible victims. Officers ripped through the floor of... "

I know Peter Tobin is Bible John, claims victim - UK
Published Date: 18 October 2010
By Gareth Rose
"A WOMAN who believes she was raped by serial killer Peter Tobin as a teenager has spoken for the first time about the vicious attack... "

Peter Tobin prescribed same drug he used to help kill victims - UK
Scottish Daily Record
September 21, 2010
"Serial killer Peter Tobin has been prescribed the same drug he used to help him kill two of his victims. And the 63-year-old sex beast is trading the... "

Call to prevent serial killer Tobin's appeal - UK
22 August 2010 Last updated at 13:18 ET
"Mr Hamilton told the BBC News Website that Tobin's current appeal was a way for the serial killer to 'play the system'. He added: 'Public money should not... '"

Peter Tobin questioned over sex crimes - UK
29 July 2010 Last updated at 07:45 ET
"Serial killer Peter Tobin has been questioned by police in Edinburgh within the last 24 hours in connection with serious sex crimes in Scotland... "

Peter Tobin's former homes searched in hunt for more victims - UK
Monday 12 July 2010 12.23 BST
"Police use radar to look for evidence at two Brighton properties where convicted serial killer lived in 1980s... "

Did Tobin kill nine more women? Police piece together murderer's horrific past - UK
Last updated at 1:35 AM on 19th June 2010
"Serial killer Peter Tobin will soon be formally linked to the deaths of up to nine more women, it emerged yesterday... "

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