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SEK: Michael Bruce Ross (AKA Roadside Strangler)

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Michael Bruce Ross (AKA Roadside Strangler)

How Did Michael Ross Become 'The Roadside Strangler'? - CT/ NY USA
Nickname For Michael Ross Emerges During Judge's Hearing
By Edmund H. Mahoney
4:01 p.m. CDT, May 23, 2010,0,5963724.story

"So, who is this Roadside Strangler? Or, as U.S. District Judge Robert Chatigny might be asking, how did he hijack my confirmation hearing... "

Michael Ross - Wikipedia:

Michael Ross - Profile of Serial Killer Michael Ross:
"The story of confessed serial killer Michael Ross is a tragic tale of a young man who came from a farm life he loved, but he cannot remember the abuse he... "

Michael Bruce Ross: Staring Death in the Face - Crime Library:
" ...Eighteen days later, Paulas battered remains were found in a barren stretch of ground off Route 211 in Wallkill, New York. She had been brutally raped, sodomized and strangled before being tossed into the marshy area off the side of the road. Even though police frantically tried to find her murderer, the case remained unsolved for almost two decades... "

Michael Ross - Death Row, Connecticut:
"May 17, 2005 ...Information provided by Michael Ross and his supporters. Michael Ross' CCADP webpage has been online since 1999. Executed Friday The 13th of... "

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