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INTRODUCTION: Robert Pickton

How the horrific case of serial killer William Pickton, who may have killed up to 50 women, shone light on plight of Vancouver's First Nation women - Canada
David Usborne, British Columbia
Friday 18 January 2013

"Deaths led to a nationwide call for justice.

"Women vanish from Vancouver's grimy Downtown Eastside with numbing regularity. But the fact a disproportionate number are of First Nations origin has plunged Canada into a political crisis... "

Robert Pickton - Wikipedia:

Robert Pickton: The Pig Farm Killer:
"Aug 5, 2010 ...Willy Pickton preyed upon drug-addicts and prostitutes and mutilated the corpses and even fed some of the remains to his hogs... "

Serial Killer Robert William Pickton - The Pig Farm Killer:
"Mar 25, 2010 ...The pig farm killer who preyed on prostitutes and drug addicts, Robert Willie Pickton is charged with murdering 26 women, some of whom he... "

Robert Picktons Pig Farm - Piggy Palace - Crime Library:
"Piggy Palace was the nickname for the Picktons pig farm where they held... The proprietors were Robert William "Willie" Pickton and his brother David, of Port Coquitlam... In March 1997 he was charged with the attempted murder of a... "

The Pig Farm Murders - Robert Lindsay:
"Feb 15, 2010 ...Robert Pickton and his equally bizarre brother owned a pig farm in... He claims 49 murders. He really wanted to hit 50, but he says he got... "

How Canadian Police Overlooked a Serial Killer - Canada
December 20, 2012
By Ben Makuch
"Back in December 2011, while producing an article about the state of First Nations women in Canada we interviewed Anishinaabe activist Audrey Huntley. She gave us some valuable insights into Vancouver's infamous crime and drug-riddled Eastside, then told us something we couldn't believe: 'I have a friend who went to the cops in 1998 and told them about Robert Pickton's whole farm. They called her a 'junkie ho'.' For the record, police didn't catch Pickton, the so-called 'Pig Farmer Killer,' until 2002... "

Former senior police officers apologize to families of Pickton victims - Canada
By Neal Hall, Postmedia News April 26, 2012
"VANCOUVER - Three former senior Vancouver police officers concluded their testimony at the Missing Women inquiry Thursday by offering personal apologies to the families of the victims of serial killer Robert Pickton for not solving the case sooner... "

Missing women working group only a 'paper squad,' officer tells Pickton inquiry - Canada
By: Terri Theodore, The Canadian Press
Jan 30, 2012 19:59:00 PM
"VANCOUVER - A Vancouver police officer who raised red flags about women disappearing from Vancouver's Downtown Eastside says her concerns were dismissed by the 'old guard' within the department... "

A high-tech approach to solving crimes - Canada
Police hope new software will help them to better share information
By Katie Derosa, Times Colonist July 24, 2011
"Police in B.C. are adopting new technology that will improve communication when more than one agency is chasing the same criminal... "

No more funds for missing women inquiry: BC - Canada
Last modified: July 22, 2011 8:11 p.m.
Published: July 22, 2011 8:05 p.m.
"VANCOUVER - The B.C. government simply can't afford to pay the legal fees of groups wanting to participate in the Pickton inquiry but who are not relatives of the serial killer's victims, the attorney general's office has advised the man heading the inquiry... "

Proposal to widen missing women's inquiry backed - Canada
Published: March 07, 2011 11:00 AM
Updated: March 07, 2011 11:16 AM
By Jeff Nagel - BC Local News
"Missing Women Commissioner Wally Oppal wants to expand his inquiry, allowing a broader look at how serial killer Robert Pickton was allowed to prey on vulnerable women... "

RCMP want public's help in identifying mystery woman linked to killer's farm - Canada
Posted: 02/19/2011 2:18 PM
Last Modified: 02/19/2011 3:44 PM
"VANCOUVER - RCMP want the public's help in solving the 16-year-old mystery of a woman whose partial remains were found on serial killer Robert Pickton's farm. Cpl. Annie Linteau says Mounties have reached out to police around the world to try and... "

Fallout from Pickton murders will continue to ripple across Canada in 2011 - Canada
By: Wendy Cox, The Canadian Press
Posted: 5/12/2010 11:02 AM
Last Modified: 5/12/2010 11:22 AM
" ensure the case becomes more than just a collection of macabre stories of lives disposed by a dullard of a man who gained serial-killer celebrity... "

Pickton inquiry could focus on lives of sex workers - Canada
By: James Keller, The Canadian Press
Date: Sunday Oct. 3, 2010 5:05 PM PT
"The public inquiry examining why so many women fell victim to serial killer Robert Pickton could also focus on why his victims were forced into sex work in... "

Post-Pickton revisionists are out in force - Canada
September 3, 2010
"The Vancouver police department now says it was committed to the theory of a serial killer and pursued it tirelessly; it was only inflated egos... "

Timeline: Problems prior to Pickton's arrest - Canada
August 20, 2010
"The following is a timeline of the significant problems that arose in the Pickton investigation, taken from an early draft of the Vancouver Police Department's internal review. The report ultimately suggests Pickton could have been arrested years earlier, and the deaths of more than a dozen women prevented... "

Timeline: The murdered and missing - Canada:
"The Supreme Court of Canada unanimously rejected serial killer Robert Pickton's bid for a new trial for the murder of six women from Vancouver's Downtown Eastside. He was also charged with the murder of 20 others charges stayed by the Crown after the Supreme Court ruling. Police also found the DNA of six more women on his farm. This timeline offers a closer look at the marginalized women who were murdered or believed by police to have been killed by Robert Pickton. Dates are in order of when they were last seen alive... "

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