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SEK: Ivan Milat (AKA Backpacker Murders)

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INTRODUCTION: Ivan Milat (AKA Backpacker Murders)

Relative of serial killer convicted for murdering friend with axe - Australia
Tuesday 22 May 2012
Roger Maynard

"Defence of man whose great-uncle killed British backpackers: 'I was doing what my family does'

"The great nephew of the Australian serial killer Ivan Milat was yesterday convicted of a brutal murder in the remote bushland south of Sydney where his relative killed seven young backpackers two decades earlier... "

Ivan Milat - Wikipedia:

Ivan Milat, the notorious Australian Backpacker serial killer - Crime Library:
"Ivan Milat was convicted of being the serial killer in the notorious Australian Backpacker Murders case. Backpackers from all over the world came to hike in... "

Ivan Milat in the Serial Killer Calendar:
"Ivan Robert Marko Milat (born December 27, 1944 in Newcastle) is a serial killer who murdered several tourists and hitchhikers in the 1990s in New South... "

Wolf Creek True Story: The Australian Outback Murder:
"The character of Mick Taylor, the seemingly friendly and helpful bush bloke, is modelled on Ivan Milat. Milat was a serial killer who picked up hitchhikers... "

Wolf Creek (2005) - FAQ:
"The other major event to influence the film was the Bradley John Murdoch case involving Joanne Lees and Peter Falconio. Lees and Falconio were British... "

Belanglo bones those of a young woman - Australia
By Nino Bucci, Police Reporter
16 Sep, 2010 07:37 AM
" ...found in the Belanglo State Forest last month are from a young woman believed to have been murdered years after serial killer Ivan Milat was jailed... "

Australian bone finds spark new forest hunt where Welsh backpacker was murdered - Australia
Sep 5 2010 by Nick Hartland, Wales On Sunday
"AUSTRALIAN police are scouring the forest where a Welsh backpacker was found murdered 18 years ago, following the gruesome discovery of more human bones... "

Milat taunts police as killer won't answer questions about Belanglo body - Australia
September 01, 2010 12:00AM
"Serial killer Ivan Milat said police will be wasting their time if they want to question him over the latest body... "

Belanglo bones 'don't fit Milat profile' - Australia
"Bones found in the Belanglo State Forest are not in a similar location to those of serial killer Ivan Milat's victims, the former lead investigator in the... "

Bones found in Australian forest - Australia:
" ...what they believe are human skeletal remains in Belanglo State Forest - the scene of the 'backpacker murders' by notorious serial killer Ivan Milat... "

'I'm innocent,' claims serial killer Ivan Milat - Australia:
"Jul 25, 2010 ... CONVICTED serial killer Ivan Milat has protested his innocence in a six-page letter from his Goulburn Jail cell, saying he is the victim of... "

Bradley John Murdoch -

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