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SEK: Larry Eyler (AKA the Highway or Interstate Killer)

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INTRODUCTION: Larry Eyler (AKA the Highway or Interstate Killer)

Indiana coroners press to identify 3 young men slain by 1980s Chicago serial killer - IN USA
Remains of Larry Eyler's victims have been ignored for decades
By Steve Schmadeke, Tribune reporter
8:06 p.m. CDT, October 11, 2010,0,1134866.story

"On a cool October day in 1983, Henry Hansen and his wife, Gladys, returned to an Indiana farm where for years they'd had luck finding mushrooms sprouting under the old oak trees.

"But this time they found something else entirely - two skulls lying together north of a dilapidated barn off U.S. Highway 41 just across the Illinois state line in Newton County, records show... "

Larry Eyler - Wikipedia:

Larry Eyler the Highway Murderer - Crime Library:
"Robert David Little made an unlikely monster. At age fifty-three, a respected professional and former president of the Indiana Civil Liberties Union chapter in Terre Haute, he was regarded by colleagues as innocuous. His worst mistake, most of them said, was opening his home to Larry Eyler between 1975 and 1984--a lapse in judgment that now threatened his very life... "

Sketches from Larry Eyler murder spree - IN USA:
Published : Monday, 10 May 2010, 6:48 PM EDT
"CLINTON, Ind (WTHI) - In the early 1980's, a man by the name of Larry Eyler went on a killing spree. Eyler killed as many as 23 young men, some of them from the Wabash Valley... "

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