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INTRODUCTION: Joseph Edward Duncan III

Serial killer admits murder of Calif. boy - CA USA
Published: March. 16, 2011 at 4:22 PM

"INDIO, Calif., March 16 (UPI) -- A serial killer already under a federal death sentence has admitted kidnapping and killing a 10-year-old boy in California in 1997... "

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By Gary C. King
" ...Liberty and freedom are very important to the citizens of Idaho, resulting in part in the state's lawmakers being historically known for writing laws that rarely infringe on individual or property rights. It is also common for residents to own firearms. When all is said and done, it doesn't make much sense that a convicted child molester would make a conscious decision to travel hundreds of miles from the Midwest to a state where his past deeds were not likely to be readily accepted, a region whose conservative residents were not likely to throw out the welcome mat and allow him to assimilate into their society. But that is exactly what sex criminal Joseph Edward Duncan III had done, and in the process his alleged criminal actions would literally shock and horrify the state, stun the nation, and ultimately destroy a family... "

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