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Jailed man is focus of writer's latest book on Cleveland slayings - OH USA
Akron Beacon Journal

The number of victims claimed by the Mad Butcher of Kingsbury Run, Cleveland's notorious serial killer of the 1930s, is uncertain - one body...

Cleveland Torso Murderer - Wikipedia:

Clevelands's Torso Killer: History & Hauntings:
"The American equivalent of the terrifying crime spree of Jack the Ripper was undoubtedly the "Cleveland Torso Murders" that took place in an area called Kingsbury Run in the middle 1930ís... "

The Cleveland Torso Murders by the Mad Butcher of Kingsbury Run:
"Despite some superficial similarities to other murders in Pennsylvania, Ohio, and New York State, as well as the Black Dahlia murder in California years later, the Kingsbury Run murders came to an official end in 1938... "

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