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SEK: Albert DeSalvo (AKA Boston Strangler)

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INTRODUCTION: Albert DeSalvo (AKA Boston Strangler)

AKA Silk Stocking Murderer, Measuring Man, and the Green Man Rapists.

Boston Strangler - Wikipedia:

The Boston Strangler, Albert DeSalvo or not? - Crime Library:
"At least eleven of these murders were popularly known as the victims of the Boston Strangler. While the police did not see all of these murders as the work... "

Boston - rewriting history:
" ...Our goal is to prove, using modern-day forensic science and by exposing the original crime scene information -- including trace evidence, police reports, witness statements and crime scene photos -- that he did not murder Mary Sullivan, and was not the so-called 'Boston Strangler'... "

Albert DeSalvo - The Boston Strangler?:
"Albert DeSalvo confessed to a series of murders which became known as the Boston Strangler murders, but many experts and investigators have doubts as to his... "

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