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SEK: Frederick Bailey Deeming (AKA Frederick Bayley Deeming)

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INTRODUCTION: Frederick Bailey Deeming (AKA Frederick Bayley Deeming)

Killer lived in East Street - UK/ Australia
Rockhampton Morning Bulletin
February 21, 2011

"Frederick Bailey Deeming, an Australian serial killer, had lived in Rockhampton and was thought by a prominent forensic researcher to possibly have been Jack the Ripper. Jack the Ripper was an unidentified serial killer who terrorised those in and... "

Frederick Bailey Deeming - Wikipedia:

Casebook: Jack the Ripper - Frederick Bailey Deeming:
"Frederick Bailey (also written Bayley) Deeming, born in 1842, was said to have had an unnaturally strong relationship with his mother. Upon her death in 1873, Deeming became emotionally distrought, and remained in such a state for quite some time afterward... "

Frederick Bailey Deeming - Was he Jack the Ripper - UK/ Australia:
Posted: Jan 15, 2010
"For many years now, speculation has been rife about who exactly was 'Jack the Ripper'. Suspects range from John Pizer, a Jewish shoemaker to Sir William Gull, the Royal Physician. Even Queen Victoria's grandson Albert Victor was not above suspicion, although this was probably just too ridiculous to contemplate, despite his well-known visits to the East End of London... "

Jack the Ripper -

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